• Community Schools in important because it brings the school and families together



  • 88% of students at David Paterson said they feel their teachers care about them

  • Welcome to the Community pages of our website. Hempstead Union Free School District is dedicated to engaging with our community.  When families, communities, and schools work together, students are more successful and the entire community benefits. 

    What is a Community School? 

    Community Schools support:

    • the whole child, the child’s family, and learning both inside and outside of the classroom

    Every community school partnership shapes its programs and services to the needs of its own
    community and students, but all models share many basic elements. Among the most prominent are:

    • Focus on Education
    • Continuous Support Along the Pathway to Productive Adulthood
    • School, Family and Community Engagement
    • Extended Hours and Expanded Learning Opportunities
    • Wellness
    • Partnerships
    • Whole School Transformation

    Through their attention to school climate and to the school as a wellness environment, and through
    what one prominent researcher calls “new institutional arrangements,” community schools become
    more than the sum of their programmatic parts. While, compared to traditional schools, community
    schools do indeed offer a wide array of programs for students and their families, the real hallmark of a
    community school is the transformational effect of all the ingredients as they interact with one another,
    every day.  To learn more: Key Elements of a Community School

Partnership for the Future of Learning Community Schools video

  • Community Schools Pillars

    Click each image to find out more about that Community School pillar. 

  • Community Schools address the needs of students in a holistic way, not just their academic achievement

    Each Community School (CS) is partnered with a lead CBO partner that provides additional supports and services for students, both integrated into the instructional school day, as well as before and after school.  The CS partner to HUFSD is FHI 360