• "By bringing together the relationships and assets of a neighborhood, Community Schools can efficiently and effectively utilize resources to advance the well-being of children and their families now and for future generations."

       -Coalition for Community Schools

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    As a district, we really value partnerships and as a key component of our community.  This page focuses on the community partners we have that support and further the work to create a safe, supportive, and enriching environment for all members of the school community. It also highlights the work that our Community Engagement Teams (CET) do to support the setting of a positive culture. 

  • This Partner Guide highlights all of the amazing partners to the district and their work in the district. If you see a partner that is missing please let us know and we will ensure they are added to this document. 

    screenshot of partner guide, grid of community partners to HUFSD including, FHI 360, Herstory, Island Harvest and others

  • Community Engagement Team

    What is a Community Engagement Team? It is a team of school community members that help guide the programs and activities that are offered and support the setting of a positive culture for our students.