100 Professional Development Hours

  • Professional certificates in all classroom teaching titles and all School Leader titles, as well as the Level III Teaching Assistant certificate must be maintained through continuing professional development.

    If you are employed in a New York State public school…

    You must complete 100 hours of professional development every five years. This maintains the validity of the Professional certificate and allows you to continue to teach. The first professional development period begins on July 1 following the effective date of the certificate

    Professional Development Guide for Certitication


    If you are employed by a school district, the district reports professional development hours on your behalf. It is recommended that this information be reported annually.

  • Your employing district approves all professional development activities to accrue towards your continuing professional development requirement. You should seek prior approval from your school district of any professional development that you wish to apply toward your professional development obligation. A suggested planning form, Continuing Professional Development, District Planning Document.
    Any provider of professional development approved by your employing district is allowable.
    You must keep a record of all professional development completed during your professional development period, including that provided by your school district. Required documentation elements include:
    • Program/event title
    • Accrual of hours of program/activity
    • Provider name
    • Attendance verification
    • Date and location of the program/activity

    Records should be kept as current with activity completion as is possible.  Records must be kept seven years and be made available to the New York State Education Department in the event of an audit.

    For suggested guidelines to districts related to provision of continuing professional development for Professional certificate holders, go to 175 Hour Professional Development Requirement.

    For frequently asked questions related to the continuing professional development requirement for Professional certificate holders, go to FAQs-Professional Development.