• Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE)

    The Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) services students that reside within Hempstead UFSD and are between 3 and 5-years-old. Parents must register their child with the district prior to submitting a referral for evaluation.

    CPSE Referral

    The Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) is responsible for arranging for the evaluation of any student who is suspected of having a disability, who meets the age eligibility requirements specified in the Regulations, and is a resident of the school district. The evaluation process begins when a written request for evaluation is made by either:

    * The student's parent or person in parental relationship;

    * A designee of the school district in which the student resides, or the public school district the student legally attends or is eligible to attend;

    * The commissioner or designee of a public agency with responsibility for the education of the student; and/or

    * A designee of an education program affiliated with a child care institution with committee on special education responsibility pursuant to section 4002(3) of the Education Law.

    The referral can be made at any time during the school year one the student is registered with the district. The referral should specify the extent to which the preschool student has received any services prior to referral. The referral should also include a copy of the student's home language survey. When the CPSE receives a referral, the chairperson will request parental consent for the evaluation. A list of County approved evaluation sites will be provided to the parent along with the prior written notice. Translations will be provided as needed. In the event that consent is not provided, the Committee shall implement the district's practices for ensuring that the parents have received and understood the request for consent.

    Click here for Nassau County Approved Evaluators

    Evaluation and Recommendations

    The individual evaluation of a preschool child shall include relevant functional and developmental information regarding the child's abilities and needs relating to participation in age-appropriate activities.

    This evaluation will include the following, at no cost to the parent:

    * A physical examination;

    * An individual psychological examination, except when a school psychologist determines after an assessment that further evaluation is unnecessary;

    * An observation of the student in the student's learning environment including the general education setting, or, in the case of a student of less than school age or out of school, an environment appropriate for a student of that age to document the student's academic performance and behavior in the areas of difficulty.

    * A social history; and

    * Other appropriate assessments or evaluations as necessary to ascertain the physical, mental and emotional factors that contribute to the suspected disabilities.