• Welcome to the STEM Department
             (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Education & Integration)

The Vision & Mission

  • Vision Statement:   

    The vision of Hempstead Union Free School District’s K-12 STEM program is to integrate Science inquiry, Technology innovativeness, Engineering design & principles and Math analysis & concepts in all disciplines to ensure STEM literacy, fluency and preparedness to leverage students’ learning experiences and outcomes in all courses as well as, to improve our students’ college and career opportunities and to further advance his/her capacity to positively influence and to shape his/her world as well as to, contribute to the global society.

    Mission Statement:


    Hempstead Union Free School District’s K-12 STEM mission will provide authentic teaching practices in a supportive and well-equipped rigorous student-centered environment with STEM endeavors that promises to offer enriching, engaging and exploratory, problem-based and project-based teaching and learning experiences connected across disciplines to real-world context and constructs for the purpose of enhancing our students’ capacity to think deeply and critically to influence the natural and human-made worlds. 
    Hempstead is the first and only Long Island, NY school district embarking on a K-12 STEM program with active industry and community support. Serving as the HUFSD Director of STEM for K-12, I will collaborate with school-community stakeholders to establish, support, sustain and:
    • fortify systemic programmatic preparations to build a solid STEM infrastructure.

    • enhance graduation outcomes with the inclusion of SED CDOS pathways.

    • design vertical curriculum alignment and cross-grade articulation opportunities.

    • provide research-based comprehensive curricula.

    • institute a climate of creativity and innovation.

    • introduce domestic and global STEM competitions.

    • encourage active parent allegiance.

    • share current and relevant STEM resources with HUFSD stakeholders.

    • promote STEM initiatives to the public-at-large.

    • increase STEM-school-community partnerships.

    • implement complementary events and opportunities.

    • integrate coding and engineering lessons and activities.

    • improve STEM literacy for staff, students and the community.


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