• Sheena Burke


    Ms. Burke's Favorites

    Food:  Pizza
    Dessert:  Ice-cream
    TV Show: CSI Miami
    Movie:  Love & Basketball
    Color:  Green

    This has been an exciting year in our new school. The scholars are having fun learning and developing inquiry skills.  In addition to the classroom experiences, scholars are learning French, becoming engineers, and acquiring various technological abilities.  The scholars have demonstrated they are risk-takers by auditioning for our RAHA News Team, participating in the play, “The Wiz” and MLK Oratorical Contest, entering Art Contests, taking on leadership roles in the classroom, joining clubs, etc.  It has truly been wonderful observing the growth of my scholars.

    We have been working diligently to prepare for our IB authorization.  The IB teaching framework is a guide for our teachers to ensure our scholars meet and exceed standards.  Achieving authorization will be a great achievement for our school community. 

    Parents and Guardians, thank you for your continued support.  I am looking forward to working more collaboratively with you in the upcoming year.