Exploring Different Countries

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    Welcome to the media page.  Here you will find plenty of resources for your child along with pictures of what the students aredoing in the class.  We currently picked a continent for each grade and taking our IB program and connecting the two.  The scholars are learning so much.  They are learning to collaborate with a small group for their projects.  They are able to use Microsoft Teams in order to collaborate from their own individual work space.  They are learning to research their topic using kid safe search engines like Kiddle and many more.  The students will be making a powerpoint with their group as one of their final graes in media and their classrooms.  We have been using National Geographic Education Website to drive their learning for geography.  Somethings we are loooking forward to working into the program is blog, hands on projects to support these countries in need, penpals and celebrating the culutres we learn about. Tell your scholars to log into clever and show you what they have been learning or view our picutres.  It is an exciting time for them, enjoy it with them.  

Grade Level Continents Area Of Study

  • First- Africa

    Second- North America

    Third- South America

    Fourth- Austraila or Europe

    Fifth- Asia

Contact Information

  • Ms. Sarro
    International Baccalaureate PYP Educator 
    Front Street IB PYP Candidate Elementary School 
    436 Front Street 
    Hempstead, NY 11550