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    Welcome to the media page.  Here you will find plenty of resources for your child along with pictures of what the students aredoing in the class.  Currently, our students are learning about various continents on all grade levels whileconnecting their findings with the IB PYP.  The scholars are learning so much as they continue to explore and inquire about different places, people and events!  In addition, they are learning to collaborate within and beyond their cohort groups during synchronous instruction.  They are also using platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams to collaborate from their own individual work spaces. Students are learning to research their topics using kid safe search engines like Kiddle and many more.  Students are also using resources such as NEWSELA, and National Geographic Education Website to drive their learning for geography.  Last year, we were able to develop hands on projects to support students' learning of other countries in need, develop penpal relations and celebrate otehr culutres we learned about. This year, our goal is to expand on this learning even more.   It is an exciting time for our students to enjoy their learning and we welcome you to join them on this journey.  

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