Transdisciplinary themes The programme of inquiry is a matrix made up of the six transdisciplinary themes running vertically, and the age groups running horizontally. Organizing the curriculum around the six transdisciplinary themes contextualizes the learning for the students. It enables them to experience a balance of subjectspecific knowledge, concepts and skills in order to develop an understanding of the transdisciplinary themes (see Figure 1). Each transdisciplinary theme is accompanied by a description that explains what students will be inquiring into under this theme. This description should be referred to continually to ensure the relevance of the central ideas beneath it. It should be used as a tool to ensure the balance of the units of inquiry under each theme, rather than as a checklist. All aspects of the descriptions of the transdisciplinary themes should be explored at some point in the programme of inquiry. The exception to this is schools that have fewer than five grade/year levels. Schools in this category should endeavour to address all aspects of the descriptions of the transdisciplinary themes in a reasonable manner in the number of years available to them.

  • Transdisciplinary Themes