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    Posted by Kadeem Davis on 9/25/2019


    The Advisory Program is an important part of the educational operation of Hempstead High School and is established for the purposes listed below.

    • • Discussion of academic progress with individual students.
    • • Attendance at assemblies/class meetings.
    • • Official announcements.
    • • Discussion of Extra/Co-Curricular activities
    • • Support of PTA and other drives for collections and membership.
    • • Organization of committees for advisory procedures.
    • • Issues that are deemed of importance by the high school administration.
    • • Completion of various school forms -i.e. free/reduced lunch.
    • • Distribution of Progress and Reports cards


    Students should not be allowed to talk during Advisory period announcements.


    Appropriate assembly programs will be held throughout the year in the auditorium. Due to the limitation of space, it is not possible to schedule the entire school for the same program. Whenever possible, programs will be repeated for student groups. Teachers are expected to accompany their classes to the auditorium and remain in their assigned area throughout the program and monitor the behavior of the students in the auditorium as well as, assist with an orderly dismissal.

    No food or drink is allowed in the auditorium,


    Attendance should be taken within the first fifteen (15) minutes of class. Attendance must be taken in every class every period. The teacher maintains responsibility for accuracy. If a correction is needed to attendance data, contact the attendance office as soon as possible.

    Classroom attendance records are official documents required by law. These records are archived and may be audited by district, state and/or law enforcement auditors. They may be subpoenaed for use in a court of law. Therefore, always mark a student absent if he/she is not physically in your classroom. Even if a student is on a field trip or involved in some other school event, if he or she is not in class that day, they must be marked absent.

    Teacher should contact the attendance office and the student’s guidance counselor after a student has been absent more than twice from his or her class.

    Students must obtain a readmit for re-admission to class immediately upon returning to the high school after and absence.


    Attendance at school functions by the staff is encouraged as this interest on the part of the staff contributes greatly to student morale and staff-pupil rapport.

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