kindergarten readiness
    Many parents are concerned with how they can help their child be prepared for school. Below are a few tips to get your child ready for kindergarten.
    Before kindergarten work with your child on:
    -Saying and writing their first and last name
    -Uppercase and lowercase letters and sounds.
    -Writing uppercase and lowercase letters.
    -Singing the abc's with your child.
    -Using scissors and glue.
    -Identifying numbers and counting to 10.
    -Taking turns and sharing.
    -Listening and following directions.
    -Taking care of basic needs (restroom, tissues)
    -tying shoes
    -Telling an adult if something is wrong.
    -Most importantly- read to your child! Listen to nursery rhymes, create a library of books.
    How can I help my chid throughout the school year? 
    *Talk to him/her about what they are learning.
    *Practice letters reading sight words NIGHTLY!
    *Ask students to explain their answers. "How do you know?"
    *Read to your child. Talk about the pictures. Ask Questions.
    *Make sure your child is prepared for school each day. (Getting enough sleep, checking folder nightly, coming to school on-time) 
    *Visit the library
    *Go on trips with your child to places like the zoo, the post office, the supermarket. You can talk and even write about these experiences with your child when you get home!
    *Make learning FUN! 
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