• Special Area Teachers

    Please send pictures of your child doing the special area activities to your child's teacher!

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    Art With Ms. O'Shea

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      In kindergarten the focus of art is to introduce students to different types of media such as crayons, markers, watercolors, paint, and paper. In art we will also work on building basic skills such as mark making, cutting and pasting. Students will also learn about the visual elements of line, shape, texture and color. 

      As the famous artist Pablo Picasso once said, "every child is an artist". As an art teacher my hope is that all my students' view themselves as artists' while creating art work and leave kindergarten with skills they will continue to use in the future.  - Ms. O'Shea

      Music With Ms. Gortman




        Welcome to where we make music!  Our students are actively singing and moving. By doing so, they learn to successfully create, perform and participate.  This also creates an atmosphere of learning the many contributions of music that they encounter not only while they perform in school but in the community at large.  Come celebrate music with us when we are given the opportunity to share with you!



      Physical Education with Ms. Sicurella


      The program is based upon the acquisition of knowledge and skills that are the foundation for engaging in physical activity. The mission of Physical Education is to empower all students to sustain regular, lifelong physical activity as a foundation for a healthy, productive and fulfilling life!  



      The students will participate in a variety of units throughout the school year.

      -Locomotor Movements (Walking, jogging, jumping, hopping, skipping, galloping, sliding and leaping with Culminating Activity:  Superhero Training Camp)

      -Spatial Awareness (General and Self-Space)

      - Chasing. Fleeing, and Dodging Games

      - Holiday Activities (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter Holidays, etc.)

      -Jumping and Landing

      - Bowling


      Click here for some physical education activities