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  • SMART GOALS for Year No. 5 (2022-2023)

    The Learner: 

    • SMART Goal: Students will create voice, choice, and agency by reflecting, self-assessment and establishing self-learning goals. 
    • Action: Students will use Approach to Learning (ATL) skills and Learners Profile Attributes (LPA) to manage one’s independent learning. 

     Learning and Teaching: 

    • SMART Goal: Using the newly written unit of inquiry to design a transdisciplinary curriculum which supports PYP elements. 
    • Action: Design and implement assessments reflecting new units of inquiry to support scholars' learning.
    • SMART Goal: Students will be exposed to different languages to be global thinkers with international mindfulness.
    • Action: Grades 1 and 2 will learn Greek and Spanish through FLES and One-Way Dual Language.  

    Learning Community: 

    • SMART Goal: All members of the school community will create an engaging learning community to support scholars and staff to become global lifelong learners. 
    • Action: 
    1. Create a student council (Grades 3 to 6) to support the student’s voice, choice, and agency and for leadership. Provide on-going professional development to support staff’s learning and teaching. 
    2. Provide parents with support through Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and provide the opportunity to establish school and home connections and scholars’ learning. 

     Social Emotional Learning (SEL): 

    • SMART Goal: Using the “7 Mindsets” curriculum (an evidence-based program promotes and develops shifting school culture with positivity), develop Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum to support scholars and staff’s well-being and mindfulness. 
    • Action: Implement the “7 Mindsets” program for engaging in learning, improvement of attendance, reduce behavior issues, and improve student academic skills with needed professional development.  

    Program Development Plan (PDP): 

    • SMART Goal: With collaboration, design a school-wide Program Development Plan connecting the scholars, staff and the learning community. 
    • Action: Begin to explore the IB Program Development Plan (PDP), support staff with needed professional development. 

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