Each month The Rainbow Kids Committee facilitates an assembly with the Prospect Student body.  During each assembly, the students are reminded of the appropriate assembly etiquettes, they recite the Prospect school student pledge, and the Rainbow Kids Program is reviewed.  The monthly focus reflects on the character traits of the student pledge.  The students are involved in an array of activities such as listening to stories, answering questions, turning and talking to each other, and presenting their responses.  At the end of each assembly the students sing the Rainbow Kids song to further reinforce the program.


    October: P – We are Proud

    November: R – We are Respectful

    December: O – We are Outstanding

    January: S – We are Special

    February: P – We are Partners

    March: E – We are Excellent Learners

    April: C – We are Caring

    May: T – We are Tomorrow’s Future