Reader's Workshop

  •  Reader's Workshop

    In kindergarten, your children begin to develop their identities as readers while they build the foundational skills for reading. This year, we will be using the Readers' Workshop model in reading.


    Unit 1: We Are Readers. 

    three         the carrot seed

     In the first unit, We Are Readers, children will develop concepts of print, phonemic awareness, phonics, and the knowledge necessary to use story language to support their approximations of reading. They will learn how to read Learn About the World books and storybooks. We will listen to several stories multiple times to make them an old favorite! In addition, we were introduced to private reading and partner reading and do this in our classes daily.



    Unit 2: Super Powers: Reading with Print Strategies and Sight Word Power 

    The second unit glories in children’s love of play as they learn “super power” strategies that help them search for meaning, use picture clues, work on fluency, and communicate meaning. They will learn how to activate pointer power, snap word power, sound power, reread power, partner power, and perseverance power. 

    Super Reader Chart


     Unit 3: Bigger Books, Bigger Reading Muscles

    In the third unit, children attempt more challenging books with greater independence and use reading strategies to read with more accuracy, fluency, and comprehension.


    Unit 4: Becoming Avid Readers 

    The last kindergarten unit, helps youngsters role-play their way into being the readers you want them to become. They pay close attention to characters, setting, and plot while reading fictional stories, become experts in nonfiction topics as they read together in clubs, and play with rhyme and rhythm while reading poetry.

    avid readers



    We encourage you to read poetry with your child as a way to increase literacy. You and your child can read many different types of poetry together. Below are some website with poetry for kids.

    Poetry For Kids -

    Giggle Poetry -            

    Fizzy Funny Fuzzy -