“The 'Hour of Code™' is a nationwide initiative by Computer Science Education Week [csedweek.org] and Code.org[code.org] to introduce millions of students to one hour of computer science and computer programming.”

  • Thank you [Hempstead UFSD] for introducing computer science to your students through the Hour of Code. This critical subject is still not taught in most schools, but you’ve joined a global teacher-led movement to give every student the opportunity to learn. We know how challenging it can be to try a new activity in a classroom—thank you so much for helping to ignite passions for technology and computing.

    It’s a new year. Why wait until next December to do computer science again? If you and your students enjoyed it, you can go beyond an hour with our free, high-quality resources.

    You don’t need any prior experience. If you’re curious about technology and want the skills to teach computer science to your students, you’ll get all you need with our high-quality professional learning — at no cost to you or your school.

    Learn more about our offerings for every grade band below:

    Computer Science Fundamentals (Grades K-5)

    • Teach computer science once a week with fun courses that students love.
    • We offer 1-day workshops with experts to get you started. Teachers rave about the experience. These are open to all K-5 educators (including librarians, tech ed specialists).

    Learn more and Sign up for a workshop near you (at no cost).

    Computer Science Discoveries (Middle School)

    • Teach a semester or year-long introduction to computer science, for students of any background or experience.
    • Discover with students through topics such as programming, physical computing, HTML, and data.
    • Summer workshops for 7th-9th grade teachers of all backgrounds.

    Learn more and apply for no-cost professional learning by March 17th

    Computer Science Principles (High School)

    • Teach a year-long course, designed for students of any background or experience.
    • Explore programming, data analysis, and the Internet with an approachable course that can also be taught as an AP class.
    • Summer workshops for high school teachers of all backgrounds.

    Learn more and apply for no-cost professional learning by March 17th

    Computer science is a foundation for success in any future career

    This is a chance to lead your school and to expand opportunity for your students—and Code.org is here to support you. Please consider our programs, and thank you for all you’ve done to help the movement for K-12 computer science.

    Hadi Partovi Founder, Code.org

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