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    Class Room Essentials:  TBA





    Remote Learning Essentials:

    Creating the right environment for learning is ESSENTIAL to our success.  The following are some guidelines to keep in mind when attending class online:

    • Make sure YOUR name is visible during our online session.
    • Always have your video ON and your audio microphone OFF.  
    • Rather than talk above others and the teacher, raise your hand, use the hand emoji or type your question into the chat.
    • Only open your microphone when you need to respond to a question or would like to respond in some way.
    • Place yourself in an area free from home distractions.
    • Make sure you can be seen in the video.
    • Learn to exhibit patience and kindness when interacting online.

    What else can you think of to make learning online a more pleasurable experience?



    Learning Cmputers is fun!


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