• Prospect School

     prospect School

    Prospect School is  a Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten School.

    Authorized Pick Up List

    Parents will complete an authorized pick up list providing names, numbers and relationships of people that they allow to pick up their child. Any person on this list must be 18 years or older and they will need to show identification. If changes need to be made to this form throughout the year parents may visit the office to make these changes. Additionally, parents need to update this form if their phone number changes so we can have a good way of getting in contact with you.


    Visitor's Policy  


    In order to provide a secure and safe school environment, all visitors must enter through the front door by the security desk. Visitors will be asked for ID. Visitors will get their ID back when they are leaving.


    If a parent would like to meet with your child's teacher, you must make an appointment in advance so a mutually agreed time can be arranged.





    Bus tags are color coded according to their bus school. Please make sure that your child has their bus tag on their backpack every day before school. Busses leave the bus stops at around 8:00 AM and return around 3:00 PM. We advise parents to be at bus stops by 7:45 in the morning, and 2:45 PM.


    Please talk to your child about bus safety. All children must follow the bus rules to be safe.


    -remain seated at all times

    -follow the bus driver's directions

    -speak quietly to others

    -remain seated until the bus stops

    -keep hands feet and objects to themselves